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Friday, August 25, 2017

PowerBuilder 2017 - MS-Windows Explorer

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Windows O/S Explorer

    Software Tool & Die Inc. is please to announce the release of its new MS-Windows O/S System Explorer utility all written in PowerBuilder 2017! This utility demonstrates the power of using the STD Integrated Framework plus MS-Windows SDK calls to locate every running application, process, service, etc running in the entire operating system. The latest release contains the following upgrades ...
  • Migrated the code base to Appeon PowerBuilder 2017
  • Updated the STD Integrated framework to the latest release (2017R2)
  • Added 32bit M-Code compilation
  • Added 64bit P-Code compilation.
  • Fixed small resizing issues
Win 32/64 WinExplorer running on W10

     This release is also already ready for deployment as a Web Browser based application utilizing the Appeon Web software. With the combination of the STD Integrated  Framework plus Appeon - the MS-Windows Explorer application will now function in either the Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox, Chrome or Edge web browser.

WinExplorer running as a Web App on MS-Edge!

     Unlock the "Power" in PowerBuilder and download this free PB Classic utility application. Check out the prowess of the Integrated framework assisting the Windows Explorer application - click here to download!

Enjoy ... Chris

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 - Script Commenter

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STD Foundation Classes

New Script Commenter Application released!

     Software Tool & Die Inc. today are very pleased to announce a new Script Commenter (2017R1) application for the new Appeon PowerBuilder 2017 IDE. This latest release of the Script Commenter application is also using the latest STD Integrated Framework (2017R2 - July 17, 2017) - which now supports 64bit deployment ...

PB 2017 IDE using the Script Commenter!

         The STD Script Commenter is a significant enhancement to the way a PB developer works productivity wise by easily allowing code comments to be added to any object classe in the current object painter's PowerScipt or declaration areas! The Script Commenter is based on the original commenter application by R.C. Sizer but has been totally refactored. The latest release includes the following new features ...

  • Migrated the App code from PB 12.1.x to PB 2017 build 1666.
  • Optimized the code that searches for the IDE frame window.
  • Created new Project objects for 32bit P/M-Code & 64bit P-Code deployment.
  • Updated the STD framework to release 2017.2.0.76 (2017R2) ... July 17, 2017.

Mapping the Script Commenter in the PB 2017 IDE

    The new Script Commenter is designed to work with any Unicode version of PowerBuilder (v10.0 through 2017). It can be activated in any PB IDE by creating a toolbar short-cut icon and assigning to the EXE as follows:

app path\ScriptCommenterXXX.exe  header
  - or -
app path\ScriptCommenterXXX.exe  block
  - or -
app path\ScriptCommenterXXX.exe  inline
  • where XXX = Compiled type 32M, 32P or 64P 

     The values added as a header, in-line or block comment are located in the "Comment_Block.ini" file. This file can built based on the values found in the "Comment_Template.ini" file and is customizable by the PB developer!

    You can download the new STD Script Commenter application from the STD Framework's website by clicking here and get more productive!


Note: The previous PB 12.1 Script Commenter version is in the Archive sub-folder.

Regards ... Chris